The Griffith Egyptological Fund

This fund is administered by the Faculty of Oriental Studies. Below are notes of guidance and an application form.

Notes of Guidance

Grants from the Griffith Egyptological Fund are defined as being for "the promotion of research into the history and antiquities of Egypt and the Nile Valley and the anthropology of north-east Africa so far as it concerns the study of Ancient, Hellenistic, and Christian Egypt and the early pagan and Christian kingdoms of the Nilotic Sudan, including such linguistic, religious, and cultural survivals as may throw light upon these matters, but excluding special studies of Muhammadanism and Islamic art".

Support could include conference attendance to deliver papers; research trips to work with collections and in the field in Egypt; the cost of equipment; software; the preparation of publication materials in the form of line drawings and photographs, with associated costs.

Grants will normally only be made to graduate students and members of Congregation. Applicants are expected to apply to all sources from which they are eligible for support as well as submitting an application to the Fund.

The secretary of the committee will keep a record of all grants made and some significance will be attached to the number and size of awards which applicants have previously received.

Griffith Egyptological Fund,
Oriental Institute,
Pusey Lane,
Oxford, OX1 2LE

Applications should include a covering letter as indicated on the application form and should be submitted to The Fund Administrator, Griffith Egyptological Fund, Oriental Institute, Pusey Lane, Oxford, OX1 2LE, not later than Friday of third week of each full term.

Please note : Recipients of grants for research trips and fieldwork will be asked to produce a report on return, giving details of research undertaken.