Computing Facilities

IT Provision and Support

The Faculty provides extensive IT facilities for all of its academic and administrative staff including; the use of computers and laptops, networked and personal printers, access to document and slide scanners, website hosting and central file storage. All buildings are connected to the University network and covered by the Univesities OWL and Eduroam wireless networks; providing access to University resources and the Internet from any computer or laptop. As well as a computer in each office, there are two computer rooms for use by academic staff and graduate students, two language labs to assist the language teachers, and lecture theatres with digital projectors and other AV facilties. Many seminar rooms have digital projectors for connecting laptops to.

There is a full-time IT Officer who is there to provide help and support to all the Faculty staff and to look after the IT infrastructure. The IT Officer, Richard Carpenter, can be contacted by email: or telephone: 288201.


There are two computing rooms for the use of academic staff and graduate students of the Faculty:

The Oriental Institute computing room has six workstations, two Apple Macintosh computers and four Windows PCs. All the computers are connected to the network and to a networked laser printer in the same room. One of the PC's is a dedicated scanning machine which is connected to an A3 flatbed scanner, while one of the Macs is connected to an A4 scanner that is capable of scanning slides.

There are two language labs to aid language teaching in the Faculty; one in the Oriental Institute and one in the China Centre. The labs are equipped with the Melissi multimedia language teaching and learning laboratory system with eighteen student positions and a 42-inch TV monitor (two 26-inch TV monitors in the Oriental Institute). The system is connected to a DVD player, and a satellite receiver.

The two lecture rooms in the Oriental Institute are both equipped with digital projectors connected to a networked computer, DVD and video player. There is also provision for staff and visiting lecturers to connect laptops to the projectors. One of the lecture rooms has a slide projector. A lecture room in the Institute for Chinese Studies has a projector and laptop for use by staff and visiting lecturers.

Many of the seminar rooms have digital projectors and speakers installed. Laptops are available to borrow for use in the seminar rooms if required.

IT Resources Available to Faculty Staff

The Faculty has the following resources available to members of staff on request:

  • Network printing.
  • File storage, including shared work areas if required.
  • Coloured laser printing
  • Digital projectors and AV/PC facilities in main lecture rooms.

Resources that are also available on a short term loan include:

  • Portable digital projectors with PC laptop
  • Video camera
  • Portable CD / tape players
  • Digital voice recorder
  • Slide projectors

If you wish to use any of the above resources please contact the IT Officer, Richard Carpenter (, tel. 288201).

There are digital projectors for use with laptops in many of the seminar and lecture rooms in both the Oriental Institute and the Institute for Chinese Studies. Laptops are available for use with these projectors which will need to be booked in advance by contacting either the Oriental Institute reception (, tel. 78200) or the secretary for the Institute for Chinese Studies (, tel. 280387).