Undergraduate Course Co-ordinators in Oriental Studies

An Undergraduate Course Co-ordinator is appointed each year by the Faculty Board of Oriental Studies to represent each of the following languages and subject areas:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Egyptology
  • Hebrew & Jewish Studies
  • Japanese
  • Persian
  • Sanskrit
  • Turkish

In 2014-15 the Undergraduate Course Co-ordinators are:

The Undergraduate Course Co-ordinators have the duty of ensuring that all undergraduates receive the necessary tuition both in their main languages and in additional languages and special subjects. They are regarded by the faculty as the representative of their subject at undergraduate level, and as such are the first point of contact for any matter requiring consultation. Tutorial Secretaries are ex officio members of the Undergraduate Studies Committee.

The Undergraduate Course Co-ordinators gather together all information about all tutorial teaching in their subject at the start of each term. This is then submitted to the Faculty Office for approval by the Chair of the Undergraduate Studies Committee. Undergraduates should receive up to 16 hours of tuition per term, although in some cases it is accepted that this will be an average over a year or course according to the structure of some courses. Any deviation from this norm must be approved in advance by the Senior Tutors of the colleges concerned, and this should be arranged by the Tutorial Secretary.  Details of all approved tutorials (i.e. the tutor and number of hours for each student) are sent to colleges by the Chair of the Faculty Board, so Undergraduate Course Co-ordinators do not need to send this information themselves, and they should notify the Faculty Office of any deviation from the figures submitted at the start of term.

Should an undergraduate student wish to change course to the BA in Oriental Studies or to one of the joint schools involving Oriental Studies (European and Middle Eastern Languages; Theology and Oriental Studies; or Classics and Oriental Studies), colleges should to approach the relevant Undergraduate Course Co-ordinator as early as possible.