Cowley Lecturer in Post-Biblical Hebrew

Subject Area: Hebrew
Chair: Professor Mark Smith - Chair of Faculty Board
Administrator: TBA

Previous Awards:

  • This Fund funds the post of Lecturer in Post-Biblical Hebrew only


117. Cowley Lecturer in Post-Biblical Hebrew


1. The Cowley Lecturer shall lecture and give instruction, under the direction of the Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies, in Post-Biblical and Modern Hebrew.

2. The lecturer shall be appointed by the Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies in accordance with arrangements approved by the General Board from time to time.

3. The income of the Cowley Memorial Fund shall be used towards defraying the stipend of the lecturer.

Standing Order

Committee for the appointment to the Cowley Lecturership in Post-Biblical Hebrew

The committee shall consist of the chair of the board, the Regius Professor of Hebrew, the Reader in Jewish Studies and the President of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, all ex officio. It shall recommend to the faculty board on the appointment to the lecturership, which shall be held in conjunction with the fellowship at the Hebrew and Jewish Studies Centre. The term of office of the lecturership shall be five years, and the lecturer will be eligible for reappointment for further periods of five years. Should the Cowley Lecturer’s appointment at the Hebrew and Jewish Studies Centre cease, so too will his or her tenure of the Cowley Lecturership cease. (See Statutes, 2000, Ch.VII, Sect.III, §111, p.431].)

Committee Members

  • Professor Mark Smith
  • Professor Jan Joosten
  • Professor Martin Goodman
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