Samir Shamma Lecturer in Islamic Numismatics

Subject Area: Islamic Numismatics
Chair: Professor Jeremy Johns
Administrator: Tricia Davies

Previous Awards:

  • This Fund is for the sole purpose of supporting the Lecturer in Islamic Numismatics 


§ 149. Shamma Lecturer and Assistant Keeper in Islamic Numismatics

1. The University accepts with deep gratitude from Mr. Samir Shamma a sum for the endowment of a University Lecturership in Islamic Numismatics, to be named the Samir Shamma Lecturership in Islamic Numismatics.

2. The University Lecturer in Islamic Numismatics shall lecture and give instruction in Islamic Numismatics under the direction of the Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies. He or she shall also hold a post of Assistant Keeper in the Heberden Coin Room of the Ashmolean Museum.

3. The lecturer shall be appointed jointly by the Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies and the Visitors of the Ashmolean Museum, in accordance with the provisions of Sect. IV, § 3 of this chapter. The provisions of Ch. III, Sect. XI, § 4, cl. 1 concerning Assistant Keepers in the Ashmolean Museum shall also apply to this appointment.

4. The first charge on the net income of the endowment shall be the salary and associated costs of the lecturer. The second charge shall be the provision, under such arrangements as the Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies may from time to time determine, of support, including teaching materials and research expenses, for the lecturer.

5. Any income unspent in any year on the first and second charges as defined in clause 4 above, whether in consequence of a vacancy in the lecturership or for any other reason, shall, at the discretion of the Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies, either be carried forward for expenditure in a subsequent year or be spent in any way or ways conducive to the advancement within the University of teaching, scholarship, and research in Islamic Numismatics.

6. Council shall have the power to amend this decree from time to time, provided always that the maintenance of the Samir Shamma University Lecturership in Islamic Numismatics shall remain the first charge on the income of the endowment.

Standing Order

Committee for the Samir Shamma Fund for Islamic Numismatic

The management of the fund shall be delegated to the Management Committee of the Khalili Research Centre. The duties of the committee shall be:

(a) to make recommendations on the provision for support of the lecturer including teaching materials, research assistance and general research expenses;

(b) to make or recommend grants for purposes connected with the advancement of Islamic Numismatics studies in the University in accordance with Statutes 2000, Ch.VII, Sect.III, §145, p.444.

The committee shall be empowered to make grants of up to £600 provided that such grants are reported to the next meeting of the board. For grants of over £600 the committee shall submit recommendations for the board’s approval.

OS No. 27 SOF B1451 Index II/35/3