Shillito Fund

Subject Area: Assyriology
Chair: Professor Mark Smith - Chair of Faculty Board
Administrator: TBA

Previous Awards:

  • The Fund supports the Lectureship of Assyriology only


§ 328. Shillito Fund

The income of the Shillito Fund shall be used for the encouragement of the study of Assyriology in the University. The fund shall be administered by a committee established by the Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies.

Standing Order

Committee for the Shillito Fund

The committee shall consist of the chair of the board, the Professor of Egyptology, the University Lecturer in Akkadian, all ex officio, and one of the post holders in Hebrew. The duties of the committee shall be to administer the Shillito Fund in accordance with Statutes 2000, Ch.IX, Sect.1, §324, p.725, and other funds available for Assyriology. The committee shall be empowered to make grants up to £600, provided such grants are reported to the next meeting of the board. For grants over £600, the committee shall submit recommendations for the board’s approval.

Committee Members

  • Professor Mark Smith
  • Professor Richard Parkinson
  • Dr Jacob Dahl
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