Studying East Asia at Oxford

Lily PondThe sub-faculty of East Asia Studies is divided into its three main subject areas, Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, and Korean Studies. Click on the appropriate link on the right of this page to view the subject area pages listing course information and details of lectures and seminars.

The sub-faculty of East Asian Studies provides a joint graduate degree that spans the region: Master of Philosophy in Traditional East Asia, which offers a comparative overview of East Asia (China, Japan, Korea) from antiquity to the nineteenth century.

The Faculty of Oriental Studies also hosts the Buddhist Studies Unit, headed by the Numata Professor of Buddhist Studies, and will soon be offering undergraduate and graduate courses in the field of Buddhist Studies.

The sub-faculty offers two introductory lecture series in Michaelmas and Hilary Terms for undergraduates studying Chinese and Japanese:
EAST ASIA lecture schedule--MT and HT and TT 2016-17-JBL--to be confirmed.pdf.

Visiting Scholars

The Sub-Faculty is pleased to announce the presence of visiting scholars, whose CVs can be seen by clicking this link. The Subfaculty does not fund visiting scholars. Proposals submitted by existing staff for those with funding will be considered by the standing committee of the Sub-Faculty.