Scenarios Showing Professional Applications


What follows are sketches of the possible applications to which graduates might put a Bachelor's degree in Korean Studies. We began by assuming that such a B.A. was in place for 2010 admission, and then projected forward in the lives of three graduates, to the year 2035. Our storyline ends when they are in their early 40s, usually a good time to shift careers if so inclined. In order to project the graduates' professional lives, we also needed to project the changing context in which they would be working. Consequently, a brief world scenario follows the portrayal of the three students' futures.

This technique is a variant of scenario planning as used in business (Royal Dutch Shell representing one of the earliest examples; more recent examples may be found in Peter Schwartz's classic text on the subject, The Art of the Long View, or Kees van der Heijden's more recent Scenarios: The Art of Strategic Conversation). Where scenarios are often used to portray conditions in possible alternative futures for the purpose of contingency planning, this particular variant -- "visionary marketing scenarios" -- focuses instead on portraying to potential clients the range of uses of a product or service.

If you have any further questions about the technique or its application, please contact Dr. Wendy Schultz. We hope you find the exploration useful and interesting.

Dr. James B. Lewis and Dr. Wendy L. Schultz