Graduate Courses in Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Oxford


An entrance to the Karnak
Temple Complex

The Faculty of Oriental Studies offers a wide range of graduate degrees including M.Phil. (two-year Masters), M.St. (one-year Masters) and D.Phil. (doctorate through a thesis).

Applicants for D.Phil. degrees in Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies are welcomed. A Masters degree is a normal prerequisite. Applicants may wish to contact relevant staff members to discuss areas of specialization before they apply. Please see staff webpages for research interests and contact details.

The M.Phil. degrees in Egyptology and in Cuneiform Studies are two-year taught graduate courses. Both degrees include special areas of study and a research focus. They are designed both to stand on their own and to prepare students for doctoral research in a chosen area. In both degrees, a range of routes and options is available. They are open to graduates with no previous knowledge of Egypt or the ancient Near East and to those who have studied these areas at undergraduate level.

Photo of statue of an old babylonian god

Old Babylonian god. Ur, Iraq c. 1800-1750 BC. British Museum. Photo: Philip Binns.

These M.Phil. courses involve advanced research on one of two of the earliest world civilizations, flourishing from the fourth millennium BC, that contributed much to later cultures in both the West and the East. Study of ancient Egypt encompasses its earliest periods to the early Christian period. Study of the Ancient Near East focuses on the languages and cultures of Sumer, Babylonia and Assyria. The core of both courses is language study, but always with the aim of using the language as a means of understanding the civilization. For further information about these courses please see the two individual webpages, accessible via the menu on the right.

The M.St. degree that is available for students in Egyptology or Ancient Near Eastern Studies is termed the M.St. in Oriental Studies. This is a one-year tailored course that trains graduate students for doctoral research in their chosen area. The course is designed for students who have graduated in a similar field that they wish to pursue at an advanced level. Further information about this course is accessible via the menu on the right. Potential applicants are also advised to contact an appropriate member of staff to discuss their research interests.