Lectures, Seminars and Events

The calendar on the right of this page lists all of the lectures that are taking place on any given date. Lecture lists for the entire Faculty can be viewed at http://intranet.orient.ox.ac.uk/lectures/.


Here below is the timetable for this term's (Hilary 2017) Topics in Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Egyptology, a series of lectures held by invited speakers. 

Please note the changing venues and/or times for some of these seminars (highlighted in bold). Unless otherwise indicated, seminars are at 2:30pm in the Oriental Institute, Lecture Room 1. Everyone is welcome to attend.

- Tue. 17th January (1st week), 2:30pm.

Daniela Colomo, University of Oxford: Homer among the Copts: A Bilingual Fragment of the Iliad from the Oxyrhynchus Papyri Collection.

- Tue. 24th January (2nd week), 2:30pm.

Julian Reade, University of Copenhagen: Between Carchemish and Pasargadae.

- Fri. 27th January (2nd week), 12:00pm.

Foteini Spingou & Judith McKenzie, University of Oxford: A Painted Linen Old Testament Wall-hanging from Egypt (3rd/4th-century AD).

- Tue. 31st January (3rd week), 2:30pm (Clarendon Institute, Walton Street).

Mark Geller, UCL and Freie Universität Berlin: Commentary and Hermeneutics from Assur to Pumbeditha.

- Tue. 7th February (4th week), 2:30pm.

Mathieu Ossendrijver, Humboldt-Universität Berlin: Babylonian Mercury Procedures in Demotic Ostraca.

- Tue. 14th February (5th week), 2:30pm.

Babette Schnitzlein, Warburg Institute, University of London: Depictions of the Neo-Babylonian King: On the Composition of Images.

- Tue. 21st February (6th week), 2:30pm.

Daniel Antoine, The British Museum: Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives.

- Tue. 28th February (7th week), 2:30pm.

Michael Zellmann-Rohrer, University of Oxford: The Supposed Wizard’s Library: Some Coptic Ritual Handbooks in the British Museum and Their Late Ancient Context.

Mon. 6th March (8th week), 4:00pm (Oriental Institute, Lecture Room 2).

Hany Rashwan, SOAS: Rediscovering the Ancient Egyptian Forms of Wordplay by Using Arabic Jinās.

- Tue. 7th March (8th week), 2:30pm.

No seminar (to avoid clash with British Museum student visit).