Graduate Courses

The Faculty of Oriental Studies offers a comprehensive range of graduate courses in the languages and cultures of civilisations spreading from the Mediterranean to Japan and dating from 4,000 BCE to the present day. For details of each of the courses we offer please consult the University's Oriental Studies courses page and for details of how to apply, please see the University's Application Guide. In addition to this, you can find individual pages for each course, containing course handbooks, examination information and course-specific funding information (if available) by using the links on the right hand side of the page. You can also use the links below to find information on the range of courses offered in each individual subject area.

Research Degrees in Oriental Studies

The Faculty offers a Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) research degree and is able to offer supervision over the full range of regions in which we have academic expertise. You can find more information on the DPhil and profiles of current DPhil research projects using the links below. Further information on the structure of the DPhil can also be found in the Graduate Handbook.

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