Oxford Faculty with interests in Jewish Studies

(Listed according to faculty of primary affiliation; those marked with an asterisk are members of the Hebrew and Jewish Studies Unit of the Faculty of Oriental Studies; R=retired but still active in research)


*Dr Renee Hirschon - Social Anthropology



*Dr Garth Gilmour - Biblical Archaeology



*Professor Sir Fergus Millar (R) - Judaism in the Roman Imperial and Early Byzantine periods



Professor Ron Bush - Jewish American literature



Professor Colin Clarke (R) - Black slavery and the Jewish  Holocaust: racist regimes in the Caribbean and Europe



Dr Peter Claus - Late-19th century London Jewry

Dr John Edwards - The three Abrahamic faith communities in late medieval and early modern Spain, with particular  emphasis on the Jewish communities, conversion to Christianity, expulsion, and the Inquisition

Professor Robert Evans (R) - History of Jews in Central and Eastern Europe, especially Hungary

*Professor Abigail Green - International Jewish History



Professor Ruth Harris  - French History; Dreyfus


Professor Sir Noel Malcolm - Early modern intellectual history

Professor Avner Offer (R) - Economy and society of Israel and of Jews in the diaspora



Professor Joshua Getzler - Jewish Law




*Dr David Groiser - German-Jewish thought and literature; modern Jewish thought


*Dr Kerstin Hoge - Yiddish Linguistics and Literature

Professor Anthony Phelan - German literature

Professor Ritchie Robertson - Kafka, the ‘Jewish Question’ in German literature, and German Jewish literature



*Professor Glenda Abramson (R) - Modern Hebrew literature

*Dr Sebastian Brock (R) - Syriac studies

*Professor Martin Goodman - Jews in the Roman World

*Dr Sara Y Hirschhorn - Modern Israel Studies

*Dr Stephen L Herring - Jewish and Christian Textual Traditions

*Professor Adriana X Jacobs - Modern Hebrew Literature

*Professor Jan Joosten - Ancient Hebrew; Early versions of the Bible

*Dr César Merchán-Hamann - Medieval Hebrew Literature, German-Jewish Studies and Yiddish

*Dr Laurent Mignon - Judeo-Turkish Literature; 19th-century intellectual history

*Mr Ron Nettler - Modern Jewish-Muslim Relations

*Professor Tessa Rajak (R) - Jews in the Roman World

*Professor David Rechter - Modern Jewish History

*Dr Deborah Rooke-  Bible studies

*Professor Alison Salvesen - Bible Versions

*Dr John Screnock - Hebrew

*Dr Jeremy Schonfield - Liturgy

*Dr Norman Solomon (R) - Modern Judaism

*Dr David Taylor - Syriac


*Dr Piet van Boxel - Hebrew manuscripts and early Hebrew printing


*Dr Khayke Beruriah Wiegand - Yiddish language and literature


*Professor Joanna Weinberg - Rabbinic Literature, early modern Jewish scholarship


*Dr Gil Zahavi - Modern Hebrew language











Dr Brian Klug - Contemporary Jewish identity, Zionism and modern antisemitism



Professor Derek Penslar - Israel Studies

Professor Peter Pulzer (R) - Modern Jewish history

Professor Avi Shlaim - Israeli foreign policy and the Arab-Israeli conflict



*Professor Markus Bockmuehl - Second Temple Judaism; Dead Sea scrolls; early rabbinic Judaism

Dr Hywel Clifford - Biblical Studies, Monotheism, Deutero-Isaiah, Pre-Socratics, Philo of Alexandria

*Dr Miri Freud-Kandel - Modern Judaism

Dr Susan Gillingham - Reception history of the psalms



Dr Mary Marshall - Second Temple Judaism

Professor Hindy Najman - Hebrew Bible; Second Temple Judaism; Dead Sea Scrolls