Undergraduate Degrees in Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Interior of the Ashkenazi Synagogue, Karaköy, Istanbul

Interior of the Ashkenazi
Synagogue, Karaköy,

Oxford has been an important centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies since the sixteenth century, when the Regius Professorship in Hebrew was established by Henry VIII in 1546. There are unrivalled collections of Hebrew manuscripts and printed books in the Bodleian Library, and students from all over the world come to Oxford for undergraduate studies.

As the disciplines of Hebrew and Jewish Studies have developed, different approaches and fields of study have evolved and the university’s courses in these fields have constantly been revised to keep up to date with recent developments. We offer a broad range of subjects, starting with study of the classical Hebrew language and the Hebrew Bible, and ranging through all other aspects of ancient, medieval, early-modern and modern Jewish history, culture and society. The University’s posts in the Faculty of Oriental Studies reflect this diversity and together form the Oxford University Hebrew and Jewish Studies Unit, housed in the Oriental Institute. The Unit’s staff offers an exceptional quality and breadth of expertise to enable students to develop areas of particular interest.