Taught Masters Courses in Islamic World Subjects

Approximately half Islamic World graduates are following a taught masters course, either a one-year Master of Studies (M.St.) or a two-year Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.). Because doctoral students will normally have attained a masters degree, either at Oxford or elsewhere, many of our masters students are in fact in preparing for subsequent doctoral research.

The main difference between the M.St. and the M.Phil., except for the duration of the course, is that the M.Phil. involves intensive ab initio language instruction in Arabic, Persian or Turkish, while students admitted to the M.St. will have demonstrated prior command of the language (for example by having attained a first degree or ther qualification in the relevant language).

Teaching is by means of lectures (graduate students are entitled to attend all lectures given within the University unless they are specially restricted, and in particular lectures given in the Oriental Studies Faculty), and by classes, seminars, and individual tuition, according to circumstances and the discretion of the supervisor of the course concerned. The pattern of teaching may vary from one term to another and there are variations between one M. Phil. course and another. The distinctive feature of graduate teaching in Oriental Studies is the extensive use of individual tuition (the ‘tutorial’).

Each masters student is assigned a supervisor, whose duty it is to help him or her with advice concerning his or her choice of subjects and any problems he or she may have with his or her work, to arrange classes, to appoint tutors, as necessary, to direct the student's work on particular topics, and to advise the student about personal development and generic training.

Applicants who are not sure whether to apply to a M.St. or M.Phil. should consult with the Graduate Admissions Secratary, tel. +44-1865-288203, email graduate.admissions@orinst.ox.ac.uk

One-year taught courses – M.St. (Master of Studies)

This degree is awarded after a course of directed study leading to an examination. The course normally lasts only one year and is thus suitable both for students who have no more than one year available for study and for those who require a year of preliminary training in a subject before proceeding to research. The following specific M.St. course is offere:

Applicants wishing to study in a subject for which no specific M.St. is available, should apply for the general M.St. in Oriental Studies, which may be tailored to their particular interests:

Two-year taught courses – M.Phil. (Master of Philosophy)

The M.Phil. is a degree awarded on the successful completion of a course of directed study leading to an examination, which is normally taken after two years. The M. Phil. is available only in the following Islamic subjects: