Grant Applications

A few 'easy-to-follow' tips to help you complete a grant application

1. Which Grant and When?

Major grants: Humanities Funding Opportunities MT 13-HT14

2. Procedures-a Simple Workflow


3. Forms and Checklist

On-line application forms/systems

If you are applying for the first time, you will need to register with the relevant system. Please send the Facilitator and the Faculty Research Support Officer your login and password when applying.


Please click the link below to access the list

4. Whom to Contact?

Chair of the Research Committee: Professor Eugene Rogan
(Faculty review and approval)

Head of Administration and Finance: Mr Thomas Hall
(Faculty approval, staff leave and recruitment)

Divisional Research Facilitator: Victoria Drew
(Funding opportunities, costing & budgeting and submission)

5. Need More Information?

Academic Staff Handbook, Section Six

Divisional research website

Humanities research newsletters

University research support

AHRC research funding guide

ESRC guidance for applicants

BA funding schemes-view notes (accessible when registered)

Leverhulme grant application-more info (accessible when registered)

Wellcome Trust Foundation funding

ERC funding schemes

John Templeton Foundation-character development

John Fell Fund