East Asian Linguistics Seminar

Hilary Term 2012

Oriental Institute
University of Oxford

The East Asian Linguistics Seminar will take place
on Tuesdays of this term
at 5 p.m.
in Lecture Room 1
the Oriental Institute (Pusey Lane).


17 January Michael Fortescue (University of Copenhagen)
How old is polysynthesis in the Amur-Sakhalin-Hokkaido region?
abstract | presentation
24 January Jieun Kiaer (Oxford)
One Breath Condition in Syntax: the case of Korean
abstract | presentation
7 February Bjarke Frellesvig (Oxford)
On Modern Standard Japanese within the history of the Japanese language
abstract | presentation
21 February

Sven Osterkamp (Ruhr University Bochum)
Prenasalization in Japonic languages as seen in pre-modern foreign transcriptions: A look at the sources and their interpretation

28 February Elisabeth de Boer  (Leiden University)
The modern Japanese tone and accent systems
6 March Dongsik Lim  (CCHS‐CSIC, Spain)
Another type of evidential? A study of Korean verbal morpheme -te-
abstract | presentation

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