East Asian Linguistics Seminar

Hilary Term 2013

Oriental Institute
University of Oxford

The East Asian Linguistics Seminar will take place
on Tuesdays of this term
at 5 p.m.
in Lecture Room 2
the Oriental Institute (Pusey Lane).


15 January Stephen Wright Horn and Kerri L Russell (Oxford)
Null Pronouns in Old Japanese: A study of Concessive, Conditional, and Provisional clauses
abstract | presentation
22 January Jieun Kiaer (Oxford)
Object particle omission in Korean
abstract | presentation
5 February Dan Trott (Oxford)
Resultative-progressive constructions in Old Japanese
abstract | presentation
12 February Yuki Asano (Universität Konstanz)
Beat the Tune: Coordination of length and pitch in Japanese and German
abstract | presentation
19 February Heather Marsden  (University of York)
A feature-based approach to Korean, Chinese, and English existential quantifiers in second language acquisition
abstract | presentation
26 February Peter Sells  (University of York)
Elliptical Constructions in Korean
abstract | presentation
5 March Bjarke Frellesvig  (Oxford)
A diachronic perspective on early Japanese adjectival morphology: Some more pre-Old Japanese copulas
abstract | presentation

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