East Asian Linguistics Seminar

Hilary Term 2017

Oriental Institute
University of Oxford

The East Asian Linguistics Seminar will take place
on Tuesdays of this term
at 5 p.m.
in Lecture Room 1
the Oriental Institute (Pusey Lane).


Professor Bjarke Frellesvig, Dr Jieun Kiaer


17 January    Ms Maria Telegina (University of Oxford)

  Time and Space Concepts in Modern Japanese through a Word Association Network Analysis

  abstract | presentation
24 January   Ms Yuka Akiyama (Georgetown University/ Oxford Brookes University)

  Multifaceted Nature of Intercultural Exchanges Between Japan and America:

  Interaction and Language Development

  abstract | presentation
31 January    Dr Stephen Horn (NINJAL)

  Constructing and Using the NINJAL Parsed Corpus of Modern Japanese

  abstract | presentation
7 February   Ms Kaori Nishizawa (University of Oxford)

  Dyslexia and Japanese Language Education

14 February   Professor Peter Sells (University of York)

  Nominals with dependent roles in Japanese and Korean

21 February   Dr Yan Jiang (SOAS)

  Chinese and Counterfactual Reasoning

28 Februrary    Cancelled


7 March   Dr Jeong-Young Kim (University of Helsinki)

  Korean Hearer Honorifics and Finnish Address Terms in the context of KFL


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