2010 News and events

Talk by Mr Tohru Seraku

Mr Tohru Seraku presented 'Semantic Incrementality in Syntactic Theory' at the Syntax Working Group on 27 October 2010.


Mr Tohru Seraku, graduate student in linguistics, giving a presentation on Japanese syntax



Talk by Nagiko Umino & Hebizo

Nagiko Umino & Hebizo, the creators of the best-selling manga essay series Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo, gave a talk in Japanese on 18 October 2010. (more information)


Talk by Professor Yuichiro Imanishi

On 14 October 2010, Professor Yuichiro Imanishi, Director of the National Institute of Japanese Literature (Tokyo), gave a special guest lecture on "The development of kana and the formation of women's literature in the Heian period". The lecture took place in the Examination Schools and was followed by a drinks reception in the Old Hall in Hertford College.


Professor Yuichiro Imanishi, Director of the National Institute of Japanese Literature, presenting on the formation of women's literature



The 20th Japanese/Korean linguistics conference

The 20th Japanese/Korean linguistics conference (JK20) was held in Oxford from 1-3 October 2010. Please see the conference website for more details.


Presentations at JLAO

Two papers by Centre members were presented at XXIIIe Journées de linguistique de l'Asie Orientale, CRLAO, Paris, France, 1-2 July 2010.

Dr Stephen W Horn, Dr Kerri L Russell, and Professor Bjarke Frellesvig presented "Verb semantics & argument realization in premodern Japanese: A preliminary study of verbal compounds" (presentation).

Ms Naoko Hosokawa presented "'Inundation' or 'Absorption'? A Study of Japanese Attitudes to the Use of Foreign Loanwords" (presentation).


Graduate students Zixi You and Naoko Hosokawa with Kerri L Russell and Stephen Wright Horn at the JLAO conference in Paris



Presentation by Professor Kumiko Sakoda

On 18 June 2010 Professor Kumiko Sakoda, a visiting scholar at the Centre, presented "What can we discover from learners of Japanese? -A corpus based study" (presentation). Professor Sakoda is from Hiroshima University and NINJAL.


Presentation by Dr Kerri L Russell

Dr Kerri L Russell presented "Argument structure in Old Japanese: A corpus based study" on 11 June 2010 at Japanese Times Now Past — International Conference on Premodern Japan, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany, 11-12 June 2010. This talk described the mark-up conventions used in the VSARPJ corpus and demonstrated the kinds of syntatctic and morphological information that can be retrieved from the recently completed Eastern Old Japanese corpus. (presentation)


Kerri Russell, historical linguist, postdoc at Oxford



Presentation by Professor Yukinori Takubo

On 7 June 2010 Professor Yukinori Takubo (Kyoto University) presented "Kakari-musubi in Ikema Ryukyuan". In this talk, he argued that Ikema (a dialect of Miyako) has kakari-musubi structures and proposed a method to identify these structures in languages where the distinction between conclusive and adnominal endings has been lost.


Professor Yukinori Takubo, historical linguist and dialectologist



Presentation by Ms Naoko Hosokawa

Ms Naoko Hosokawa presented "The Language of Civilisation: identity and Desire in the Meiji Era Japanese Language Reform Debates" at Desire - The 10th Annual Annual East Asian Studies Graduate Student Conference (site) on 13 March 2010 at the University of Toronto. (presentation | paper)


Presentation by the VSARPJ team

On 17 March 2010 Bjarke Frellesvig, Stephen Wright Horn, Kerri L Russell, and Peter Sells presented "Introducing the project 'Verb Semantics and Argument Realization in Pre-Modern Japanese'" as part of the Japan Research Centre Seminar Programme at SOAS (presentation).


Professor Bjarke Frellesvig, historical linguist presenting a talk at SOAS



Special Seminar on Language Learning

"Primrose Paths to Foreign Language Acquisition: Why and how Extensive Reading works", a talk by Associate Professor Kunihide Sakai was held at the Oriental Institute Faculty Room on 11 March 2010. This special seminar was organized by Ms Kaori Nishizawa and co-hosted by the Centre and the Nissan Institute.


Professor Kunihide Sakai, teacher of tadoku 'extensive reading'



Presentation by Dr Shin-Sook Kim

Dr Shin-Sook Kim presented "Noun complements and clause types in Korean" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar on 9 March 2010 (presentation).


Shin-Sook Kim, linguist from SOAS giving a talk on Korean syntax



Presentation by Ms Oana David

Ms Oana David presented "The sociolinguistics of teineigo style-mixing in semi-formal interviews: An application of quantitative Conversation Analysis" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar on 2 March 2010 (presentation).


Oana David, socio-linguistics student at Oxford.



Presentation by Dr Lucien Brown

Dr Lucien Brown presented "The Acquisition of Korean Honorifics by Second Language Speakers" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar on 23 February 2010 (presentation).


LucienBrown, Korean Linguist from SOAS.



Presentation by Mr Muneto Ozaki

Mr Muneto Ozaki presented "Grammaticalization in Japanese of lexical material from Korean" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar on 16 February 2010 (handout).


Muneto Ozaki, DPhil student at Oxford.



Presentation by Dr Stephen Wright Horn

Dr Stephen Wright Horn presented "Semantic constraints on the 'subject raising to object' (or 'ECM') construction in Japanese" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar on 9 February 2010 (handout).


Stephen Horn, Japanese linguist from Oxford University presents a talk.



Presentations by Dr Kerri L Russell

Dr Kerri Russell presented "A Brief Overview of Ryukyuan Morphophonemics" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar on 2 February 2010 (presentation). She also presented "Verbal Semantics and Argument Realization in Pre-modern Japanese: An Introduction" at the Oxford Corpora Group meeting on 4 February 2010 (presentation).


Presentations by Dr Tomohide Kinuhata

Dr Tomohide Kinuhata recently presented two papers at Oxford. The first, "A Lecture on Shômono" (presentation), was presented at the first VSARPJ workshop on 21 January 2010. The second paper, "Historical development from subjective to objective meaning: A case of Japanese question particle" (presentation) was presented at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar on 25 January 2010.


Tomohide Kinuhata, Japanese linguist from Osaka University presents a talk.



Presentation by Professor Satoshi Kinsui

On 20 January 2010 Professor Satoshi Kinsui presented "On rentai-shūshoku and juntaiku" as part of the first VSARPJ workshop held at Oxford. (presentation)


Satoshi Kinsui, Japanese linguist from Osaka University presents a talk, Peter Sells from SOAS was in attendence.



Presentation by Dr Thomas Pellard

Dr Thomas Pellard presented a talk entitled "Why the study of the Ryukyuan languages is important. The example of Ogami Ryukyuan" on 19 January 2010. This presentation was the first talk of the East Asian Linguistics Seminar for Hilary Term 2010. In this talk, Dr Pellard presented data collected while doing fieldwork in Ogami, a very small island in the southern Ryukyus. (presentation)


Thomas Pellard, known for his work on Ryukyuan linguistics and work with LaTex, presents work on Ogami



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