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Two additional new publications based on the OCOJ

Two new studies based on the Oxford Corpus of Old Japanese are presented in 「コーパスと日本語史研究」 Corpus-Based Historical Studies in Japanese edited by Yasuhiro Kondo, Makiro Tanaka and Toshinobu Ogiso. The articles in this volume written by Oxford researchers are Bjarke Frellesvig's article "Why Romanize a Corpus of (Old) Japanese?" and Stephen Wright Horn and Kerri L. Russell's article "The Oxford Corpus of Old Japanese".


New publications based on the OCOJ

Two new studies based on the Oxford Corpus of Old Japanese are now available as book chapters in Historical Linguistics 2013: Selected papers from the 21st International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Oslo, 5-9 August 2013 edited by Dag T.T. Haug. The book chapters are: "Differential Object Marking in Old Japanese: A corpus-based study" by Bjarke Frellesvig, Stephen W. Horn and Yuko Yanagida and "The syntax of mood constructions in Old Japanese: A corpus-based study" by Kerri L. Russell and Peter Sells.


Japanese Linguistics Workshop

On 15 August a Japanese Linguistics Workshop organized by the Program for Advancing Strategic International Networks to Accelerate the Circulation of Talented Researchers, JSPS was held at the Research Centre for Japanese Linguistics. Anna Bordilovskaya (Kobe University/Oxford) presented "Collocation Patterns of Gairaigo Adjectival Modifiers: A corpus based study" (presentation). Kerri L Russell (Oxford) presented "On Noun Incorporation in Old Japanese: A corpus based study" (presentation). Shin’ichi Tanaka (Kobe University/University of Venice) presented "Gemination and Accent in Japanese loanwords from Italian: Mitate in loanword phonology" (presentation). And Thomas Jo Johansen (Oxford) presented "Infinitive and gerund clauses in Late Middle Japanese: An investigation using the Esopo no fabulas corpus" (presentation).


Japanese linguist Anna Bordilovskaya presenting at a Japanese Linguistics Workshop


Presentation by Hiroshi Yoshiba

On 10 March Hiroshi Yoshiba (Aoyama Gakuin University) presented "A Japanese vowel hierarchy and the notion of syllable". This was the final East Asian Linguistics Seminar talk for the 2014-2015 academic year. (abstract | presentation)


Japanese phonologist Hiroshi Yoshiba presenting at EALS


Presentation by Barbara Pizziconi

Barbara Pizziconi (SOAS) presented "An indexical approach to the study of Japanese honorifics" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar on 3 March (abstract | presentation)


Linguist Barbara Pizziconi giving a talk on an indexical approach to honorifics in Japanese


Presentation by Thomas Jo Johansen

Thomas Jo Johansen (Oxford) presented "The Esopo no fabulas corpus" on 24 February at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar (abstract | presentation)


Japanese lingusit Thomas Jo Johansen presenting the Esopo no fabulas corpus


Presentations by Yo Matsumoto and Takehiko Maruyama

A Special East Asian Linguistics Seminar was held on 17 February with presentations by Yo Matsumoto (Kobe University) and Takehiko Maruyama (NINJAL/Oxford). Yo Matsumoto gave a talk on "Noncausative and causative verb pairs in Old and Modern Japanese" (presentation). Takehiko Maruyama (NINJAL/Oxford) discussed "Annotating Clause Boundary Labels to Japanese Corpora" (abstract | presentation).


This event was on the occasion of the Oxford-Kobe-NINJAL programme and marks the end of Takehiko Maruyama’s year in Oxford as a Visiting Academic.


 Yo Matsumoto, Japanese linguist
 Takehiko Maruyama, Japanese linguist


Presentation by Shin-Sook Kim

Shin-Sook Kim (University of York) presented "Varieties of Noun-Modifying Constructions in Korean" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar on 10 February. (abstract | presentation)


Shin-Sook Kim talking about NMCs at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar


Presentation by Meili Fang

Meili Fang (SOAS) presented "Resultativity in Chinese and Japanese: Comparative study and aid to teaching and learning" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar on 3 February. (abstract | presentation)


 Meili Fang, SOAS, talking about Resultativity in Chinese and Japanese EALS


Presentation by Masakazu Kudara

Masakazu Kudara (Cardiff University) presented "Does Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) really lie at the nexus of research, theory, and pedagogy? -Consideration of its task design in TBLT from a pedagogical point of view-" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar on 27 January. (abstract)


Masakazu Kudara talking about task based learning at EALS


Presentation by Nahoko Mulvey

On 20 January Nahoko Mulvey (University of Birmingham/Oxford) presented "Historical development of and current issues in Japanese as a Heritage Language Education" at the first East Asian Linguistics Seminar for 2015. (abstract | presentation)


Nahoko Mulvey presenting her research on heritage learners at EALS



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New Publication

The Oxford Corpus of Old Japanese is now available online. This full poetic corpus of Old Japanese presents the original script and a phonemic transcription of all Old Japanese poetic texts.


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