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Guest Lecture by Professor Kenjiro Matsuda

On 16 November Professor Kenjiro Matsuda (Kobe Shoin Women’s University) gave a lecture "On the use of the Minutes of the Diet as linguistic data” at the Oriental Institute. (presentation)



The advent of the Full-text Database System for the Minutes of the Diet brought about a new era for linguists interested in the variation and change of the contemporary Japanese language. One can now search for any words/phrases from more than 7GB of textual data of the Diet session proceedings since 1947 from anywhere in the world connected via Internet, with speakers (i.e. the members of the Diet and the cabinet members) across the country speaking in mostly formal styles. Being one of the largest free plain text corpora of the language, it soon became linguists' favorite dataset, and a number of major findings on the present-day Japanese language has been made since then. In this talk, I will first give a brief introduction to the database, then show some of the discoveries on the grammatical/lexical aspect of the language.


Presentation by Tomoaki Kono

Tomoaki Kono (NINJAL) gave a special presentation at the Research Centre for Japanese Language and Linguistics on 26 August. His presentation, "Argument Structures of Complex Verbs in Old Japanese", was a discussion of the research he conducted here as a Visiting Academic to the RCJLL, and is based on data from the Oxford Corpus of Old Japanese. (presentation (in Japanese))


Visiting Academic Japanese linguist Tomoaki Kono


Presentation by Hae-Sung Jeon

On 8 March, Hae-Sung Jeon (UCLAN) presented, "The role of prosodic context in word segmentation: a word spotting experiment in Korean" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar for 2016. (abstract | presentation)


Korean linguist Hae-Sung Jeon


Presentation by Miyuki Kamiya

On 1 March, Miyuki Kamiya (University of York) presented "Japanese Mimetics as Prenominal Modifiers: The case of tenseless sita" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar. (abstract | presentation)


Japanese linguist Miyuki Kamiya


Presentation by Sofia Rüdiger

On 23 February, Sofia Rüdiger (University of Bayreuth) gave a talk entitled "Spoken English in South Korea: A Corpus-Based Investigation" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar. (abstract | presentation)


Korean linguist Sofia Rüdiger


Presentation by Jaeuk Park

Jaeuk Park (Newcastle University) presented "Korean Digital Kitchen" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar on 16 February. (abstract | presentation)


Korean linguist Jaeuk Park


Presentation by Naoko Hosokawa

On 9 February, Naoko Hosokawa (University of Oxford) gave a talk on "Language and Identity in Contemporary Japan: National Sentiment Expressed through Public Attitudes towards Western Loanwords" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar. (abstract | presentation)


Japanese linguist Naoko Hosokawa


Presentation by Jieun Kiaer

Jieun Kiaer (University of Oxford) presented "Emoji-ing Matters in the Translanguaging Turn: The Case of Korean" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar on 2 February. (abstract)


Korean linguist Jieun Kiaer


Presentation by Anna Bordilovskaya

On 26 January Anna Bordilovskaya (Kobe University/University of Oxford) presented "A Study of English Loanword Adjectival Modifiers in Contemporary Japanese" at the East Asian Linguistics Seminar. (abstract | presentation)


Japanese linguist Anna Bordilovskaya


Presentation by Bjarke Frellesvig

Bjarke Frellesvig (Univeristy of Oxford) presented "Verb Verb Complex Predicates in Old Japanese" at the first East Asian Linguistics Seminar for 2016. (abstract | presentation)


Japanese linguist Bjarke Frellesvig



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New Publication

The Oxford Corpus of Old Japanese is now available online. This full poetic corpus of Old Japanese presents the original script and a phonemic transcription of all Old Japanese poetic texts.


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