Academic Staff (Academic Visitors)

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Islamic World     Hebrew & Jewish Studies     Eastern Christianity
Egyptology & Ancient Near Eastern Studies     South & Inner Asia     Chinese Studies     Japanese Studies     Korean Studies

* indicates a postholder in the Faculty of Oriental Studies

Arabic, Persian and Turkish

  • Talal Al-Azem - Mohammed Noah Fellow, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
  • Elvire Corboz - Academic Visitor; Assistant Professor in Arab and Islamic Studies at Aarhus University (Denmark)
  • Kerem H L Öktem - Research Fellow, European Studies Centre
  • Avi Raz - Associate Faculty Member
  • Fritz W. Zimmermann - Retired University Lecturer, Islamic Philosophy

Hebrew, Jewish and Eastern Christian Studies

Egyptology and the Ancient Near East

Inner and South Asia

Japanese and Korean

Chinese Studies

Japanese Studies

  • Anna Bordilovskaya - Researcher, Kobe University, Graduate School of Humanities
  • Mariko Noami - Associate Professor of Japanese Literature, National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL); The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Sokendai), School of Cultural and Social Studies