Theo Maarten van Lint


Calouste Gulbenkian Professor of Armenian Studies; Fellow of Pembroke College

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute / Pembroke College


Research Interests:

  • Armenian poetry
  • Medieval Armenian literature
  • Armenian literary and intellectual life in Iran, the Ottoman Empire and Russia in the 17th-19th centuries
  • Modern Armenian literature and its international context from the 19th century onward

Current Projects:

  • The Letters of Grigor Magistros Pahlavuni (985-1058): translation and commentary. Grigor Magistros Pahlavuni (985-1059) was an erudite layman, whose epistolary is a mine of information on theology, literature, mythology, politics and other matters. The language of the letters is often complex, and represents an example of Grecising Armenian. Their translation and commentary is a desideratum in Armenian studies and is of importance for adjacent fields as well.

  • The reception of the throne vision of Ezekiel in Armenian literature and art. Apart from various of its aspects addressed in separate publications I am working on two larger works:
    Vardan Anec‘i’s Panegyric on the Divine Chariot (10th-11th c.): Translation and commentary;
    Esayi Nč‘ec‘i’s Commentary on the Book of Ezekiel (1303): Critical edition, translation, and study.
    The prophet Ezekiel's vision at the river Chebar in Babylon has given rise to mystical and political interpretations in Armenia, expressed in biblical commentaries, poems, manuscript illuminations and other works of art for over a millennium.
  • Ashough Poetry and Storytelling: Asli and Kearam. In cooperation with Ms Vergine Gulbenkian, a storyteller from Oxford.
  • Kostandin Erznkac’i (13th-14th c.): his poems, their function, and his environment.
  • Grigor Tghay, poet and Katholikos (1133-1193).
  • Editing, together with Dr Emilio Bonfiglio (British Academic Post-Doctoral Fellow and Junior Research Fellow, Pembroke College, Oxford) of the volume on Literature in the Handbook of Armenian Studies of the Association Internationale des Etudes Arméniennes, published by Brill, Leiden.



Courses Taught:

Academic year 2016-2017

Michaelmas  Term 2016

MSt Classical Armenian: Set Texts M-F  11:30-12:30 Borough Room, Pembroke  

MSt in Oriental Studies: Armenian                 Th 2-4 Room 210, Oriental Institute

MPhil in Linguistics: Armenian Texts               F 2-4   Room 210, Oriental Institute (W5-8)

The History of Aristakēs Lastiver[t]c‘i             T 2-4  Room 210, Oriental Institute  



See also: Dr Aleksidze's lectures on Georgian Epic Literature in the Weston Library Lecture Theatre on 19 October and 30 November:


Dr Emilio Bonfiglio (Vienna, JRF Pembroke College Oxford) will teach the following course during this academic year: time and place tbc:

Textual Criticism for Orientalists and students in Late Antiquity and Byzantine Studies

He will also give lectures in two seminars at Oxford in the course of this academic year. 


Armenian Studies Seminar

Tuesday 4th week 1 November, 5pm, place tba

Dr Haig Utidjian (Prague) on Recent Developments in the Study of the Text and Music of Grigor Narekac‘i's Festal Hymns


Not all courses indicated below are currently taught, others are available upon consultation:   

  • Classical Armenian
  • Middle Armenian
  • Modern Eastern Armenian
  • Modern Western Armenian
  • History of Armenian Literature
  • Armenian Poetry
  • M.St and M.Phil. set texts
  • Armenian Codicology and Palaeography
  • Convenor: Armenian Studies Seminar



Recent Publications:

  • "Armenian Colophons in Verse, 1641-1660", in Anna Sirinian, Paola Buzi, Gaga Shurgaia (eds.), Colofoni armeni a confronto. Le sottoscrizioni dei manoscritti in ambito armeno e nelle altre tradizioni scrittorie del mondo mediterraneo. Atti Del Colloquio Internazionale Bologna, 12-13 Ottobre 2012 (OCA 299). Roma: Ponteficio Istituto Orientale 2016, 73-84.

  • Krikor Momdjian, Wanderings. Պանդխտութեան մէջ In de Diapora բանաստեղծուտիւններ. Poems Gedichten Poèmes. Alphen aan den Rijn: Momdjian Stichting 2016 - editor, workshop joint-leader and co-translator of 43 poems from Armenian into English. 
  • "Luminous Words Seeking the Taste of Paradise", in Krikor Momdjian, Wanderings. Պանդխտութեան մէջ In de Diapora բանաստեղծուտիւններ. Poems Gedichten Poèmes. Alphen aan den Rijn: Momdjian Stichting 2016, 13-15.
  • "Prefiguring: Markers on the Road to Eden", in Krikor Momdjian, Wanderings. This is all We. Alphen aan den Rijn: Momdjian Stichting 2016, 13-15.
  • "Among Others: Greek in Context in the Letters of Grigor Magistros Pahlawuni (eleventh century)", in Francesca Gazzano, Lara Pagani, and Giusto Traina (eds.), Greek Texts and Armenian Traditions. An Interdisciplinary Approach (Trends in Classics - Supplementary Volumes, 39) Berlin / Boston: De Gruyter 2016, 197-213.
  • "Sis. The Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia", in David Wallace (ed.) Europe. A Literary History 1348-1418. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2016, Vol. II, 259-281. 
  • "Tracce di una civiltà. L'Armenia alla Bodleian Library", Alumina 52 (2016), 28-36.
  • Armenia. Masterpieces from an Enduring Culture Oxford: Bodleian Library University of Oxford 2015 (Eds. Theo Maarten van Lint & Robin Meyer)
  • "Վաղ շրջանի պատմագրությունը Գրիգոր Մագիստրոսի ստեղծագործություններում" (Histriography of the Early Period in Grigor Magistros's Works), Բանբեր Մնատեբադարանի 21 (2014), 97-103 (published April 2015).
  • Thomas F. Mathews with Theo Maarten van Lint, "The Kars-Tsamandos Group of Armenian Illuminated Manuscripts of the 11th Century", in Neslihan Asutay-Effenberger & Falko Daim (Hrsg), Der Doppeladler. Byzanz und die Seldschuken in Anatolien vom späten 11. bis zum 13. Jahrhundert. Mainz: Verlag des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseum Mainz 2014, 85-95.
  • "Armenian Merchant Patronage of New Julfa's Sacred Spaces", in Mohammad Gharipour (ed.), Sacred Precincts. The Religious Architecture of Non Muslim Communities across the Islamic World, Leiden - Boston: Brill 2014, 308-333. (With Amy Landau)
  • "La cultura armena nella visione del mondo di Grigor Magistros Pahlawuni", in Carmela Baffioni, Rosa Bianca Finazzi, Anna Passoni Dell'Acqua, Emidio Vergani (eds.), Storia e pensiero religioso nel Vicino Oriente. L'Età Bagratide - Maimonide - Afraate. III Dies Academicus, Milano: Biblioteca Ambrosiana Bulzoni Editore 2014, 3-22.
  • "Medieval Poetic Texts", in Valentina Calzolari (ed.) with the Collaboration of Michael E. Stone, Armenian Philology in the Modern Era. From Manuscript to Digital Text. Leiden-Boston: Brill 2014, 377-413. 
  • "Geometry and Contemplation: The Architecture of Vardan Anec'i's Vision of the Throne-Chariot. Theosis and the Art of Memory in Armenia", in Kevork B. Bardakjian and Sergio La Porta (eds.), The Armenian Apocalyptic Tradition. A Comparative Perspective. Leiden - Boston: Brill 2014, 217-241.
  •  "The Armenian Poet Frik and his verses on Arghun Khan and Bugha", in Robert Hillenbrand, A.C.S. Peacock and Firuza Abdullaeva (eds.), Ferdowsi, the Mongols and the History of Iran. Art, Literature and Culture from Early Islam to Qajar Persia. Studies in Honour of Charles Melville. London - New York: I.B. Tauris, in association with the Iran Heritage Foundation 2013, 249-260.
  • "Sacred and Religious Objects", in Sylvie L. Merian, Lucy Ardash, and Edmond Y. Azadian (eds.), A Legacy of Armenian Treasures. Testimony to a People. Southfield, MI: The Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum 2013, 234-289 (with Amy S. Landau)
  • "Cigarette Cases", in Sylvie L. Merian, Lucy Ardash, and Edmond Y. Azadian (eds.), A Legacy of Armenian Treasures. Testimony to a People. Southfield, MI: The Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum 2013, 306-311 (with Amy S. Landau)
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  • "From Reciting to Writing and Interpretation: Tendencies, Themes, and Demarcations of Armenian Historical Writing", in Sarah Foot and Chase F. Robinson (eds.), The Oxford History of Historical Writing. Volume II, 400-1400. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2012, 180-200.
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  • "Vardan Anetsi’s Poem On the Divine Chariot and the Four Living Creatures, 10th -11th Century", in Richard G. Hovanissian (ed.), Armenian Kars and Ani, Costa Mesa: Mazda Publishers 2011, 81-99.

Further Info:


Associates in Armenian Studies

Dr Hratch Tchilingirian
Faculty Associate MT 2012 – TT 2016
Modern Armenian Culture, History, Politics; Armenian Diaspora


Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr Belçim Özlem Galip

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellow 2015-2016

Faculty Associate 2013-2015

Research interests: Kurdish literature, novelistic discourse, Armenian and Diaspora Studies.


From January 2017

Dr David Zakarian

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow 



Reserach mentor for

Dr Nikoloz Aleksidze (2014-2018): Armenia & Georgia

The Cult of Saints European Research Council Research Project - Principal Investigator Dr Bryan Ward-Perkins



DPhil candidates currently supervised

Mr Robin Meyer (MT 2013- TT 2017; joint supervision with Dr Elizabeth Tucker)

Mr Nicolas Matheou (MT 2014 - TT 2017; joint supervision with Prof Marc Lauxtermann)

Mr Ari Şekerian (MT 2014 - TT 2017; joint supervision with Dr Hratch Tchilingirian)

Ms Alex MacFarlane (MT 2015 - TT 2018)

Ms Gizem Pilavci  (MT 2015 - TT 2018; joint supervision with Professor Laurent Mignon) 


Former Visiting Scholars and Post-Docs: 

Leverhulme Visiting Professor in Early Christian, Byzantine and Armenian Art

Prof Thomas F. Mathews

The John Langeloth Loeb Professor of the History of Art, Emeritus Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Leverhulme Visiting Professor, Visiting Fellow, Pembroke College (HT & TT 2010)

TT 2010 Lecture Series: Armenian Art on the International Stage
HT 2010 Lecture Series: Cultic Paintings from Antiquity to the Renaissance


Dr Irene Tinti
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellow 2013 and 2014

“The Armenian Translation of Plato’s Timaeus: Language and Ascription”



Dr Federico Alpi

Visiting Research Scholar, Hilary Term 2016: jointly teaching Grigor Magistros' Letters to the Tondrakians; Grigor Aknerc‘i, History of the Nation of the Archers
PhD Candidate (University of Pisa), Visiting Researcher, Trinity Term 2013 & Trinity Term 2014
Thesis subject: Grigor Magistros - A life's Chronology
Thesis supervisor: Dr Alessandro Orengo (Pisa)  

Recent Activities

KRIKOR MOMDJIAN'S Armenian Poems Translated into English - Booklaunch of Wanderings Պանդխտութեան մէջ and  
KRIKOR Salt Room Wanderings When Night Falls  - Exhibition in the Pembroke College Art Gallery, 13 October -25 November, opening: 
13 October, from 5pm, Pichette Theatre, Pembroke college

 Invitation to PMB Gallery opening Oct 2016.pdf






Pembroke College
Professorial Fellow, Member of Governing Body, Silver Fellow

Oxford University Armenian Society (Oxford Armenian Students Society)
Senior member

AIEA (Association Internationale des Études Arméniennes)

Armenian Institute (London)
Advisor, Board of Trustees

The Mahfouz Foundation
Vice-Chairman, Board of Trustees

Member of:
Accademia Ambrosiana

Society of Armenian Studies

Associazione Padus-Araxes

Deutsch-Armenische Gesellschaft

MESA –Middle East Studies Association