Ulrike Roesler


Associate Professor of Tibetan and Himalayan Studies

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute / Wolfson College



Research Interests:

  • Indo-Tibetan Buddhism
  • The Bka‘ gdams pa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Narrative literature and biographies

Current Projects:

  • Translation of an early work on the ‘stages of the path (to enlightenment)’
  • The early history of Reting monastery
  • Bon monasticism

Courses Taught:

  • Elementary Tibetan
  • Readings in classical and modern Tibetan
  • Tibetan history and civilization

Recent Publications:


  • 2015      “Classifying Literature or Organizing Knowledge? Some Remarks on Genre Classi­­fications in Tibetan Literature.” In Tibetan Literary Genres, Texts, and Text Types: from Genre Classiciation to Transformation. Ed. by Jim Rheingans. (PIATS 12). Leiden, Boston: Bill, pp. 31-53.
  • 2015      “Narrative: Tibet.” In: Brill's Encyclopedia of Buddhism. Volume 1: Buddhist Literatures. Ed. by Jonathan A. Silk. Consulting Editors: Oskar von Hinüber and Vincent Eltschinger. (Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 2 South Asia, 29/1) Leiden, etc.: Brill, pp. 515-523.
  • 2015      “The Vinaya of the Bon Tradition.” In Hanna Havnevik und Charles Ramble (eds), From Bhakti to Bon: Festschrift for Per Kvaerne. (The Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture.) Oslo: Novus forlag.
  • 2015      “How to Recognize a Useless Doctor: Excerpts from an Indian Yoga Comedy.” In C. Ramble and U. Roesler (eds), Tibetan & Himalayan Healing: An Anthology for Anthony Aris. Kathmandu: Vajra Books, pp. 589-594.
  • 2014      “As it is said in a Sutra: Freedom and Variation in Tibetan Quotations from the Buddhist Scriptures in Early Bka’ gdams pa Literature.” Journal of Indian Philosophy 42,4.
  • 2014     “Operas, Novels, and Religious Instructions: Life-stories of Tibetan Buddhist Masters between Genre Classifications.” In: Conermann, Stephan and Jim Rheingans (eds), Narrative Pattern and Genre in Hagiographic Life Writing: Comparative Perspectives from Asia to Europe. (Narratio Aliena? Studien des Bonner Zentrums für Narratologie.) Berlin: EBV, pp. 113-139.

Books edited:

  • Tibetan & Himalayan Healing: An Anthology for Anthony Aris. Edited by Charles Ramble and Ulrike Roesler.Kathmandu: Vajra Books 2015.
  • Lives Lived, Lives Imagined: Biography in the Buddhist Traditions. Proceedings of the Conference held in Oxford, 28-29 April 2007. Edited by Linda Covill, Ulrike Roesler and Sarah Shaw. Boston: Wisdom Publications 2010.

Full Publications