Requesting a Profile Page on the Website

Faculty and Sub-Faculty Associate members (including D.Phil Students) are entitled to a profile page on the Faculty's website. To request a page please email the the Faculty IT Officer, Richard Carpenter <>, with the following information:

Full name
Dates of association at Oxford (if applicable)
Position held within the Faculty (Course Name for Students)
Other position(s) held
Correspondence address (usually the Oriental Institute, Institute for Chinese Studies, Khalili Research Centre, Griffith Institute)
College association
E-mail address
Subject group (either Islamic World, Hebrew & Jewish Studies, Eastern Christianity, Egyptology & Ancient Near East, South & Inner Asia, Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies or Korean Studies)
Research interests
Current projects (or Dissertation Title for Students)
Courses taught
Recent publications
Any other information (e.g. consultancy, public engagements, positions)
Optionally, a photograph and a full publications list as a Word document or PDF file.

Alterntively, Sub-Faculty Associates can send a URL to their webpage on a different institution's website, along with their full name and dates of association.