Classics and Oriental Studies

Classics with Oriental Studies

Applicants are admitted through Classics and study only classics for their first five terms, at the end of which time they will sit the First Public Examination in Classics ("Classics Moderations"), and they will then add the study of the Oriental language ('Classics with Oriental Studies').

If you choose to begin with Classics Mods -- i.e. five terms dedicated to Greek and Latin, or one of the two if you have not studied either at A level -- you should indicate on your application form that you are likely to want to take up an Oriental language after Mods. The following languages are available:

Oriental Studies with Classics

Applicants are admitted through Oriental Studies and concentrate on an Oriental language for two or three terms (depending on the language chosen) at the end of which time they will sit the First Public Examination (either the Preliminary Examination or Moderations). They then add Greek or Latin as if it were an 'additional' ('Oriental Studies with Classics').

If you wish to concentrate on an Oriental language from the start, you will apply for and be admitted through Oriental Studies. The main language or subject can be:

You will be treated as a candidate for that course, and interviewed by representatives of the Faculty of Oriental Studies, but again with the possibility of an interview with Classics tutors in one or more colleges. If you have studied a Classical language at A level, this course will require you to resume it after a gap; thus it will be desirable for you to have some contact with the Classics tutor in your college throughout, to advise you how to keep the Greek or Latin going.


Not all colleges offer places for Oriental Studies. The colleges which admit candidates for Classics and Oriental Studies are:

The following colleges will accept candidates only for Classics with Oriental Studies (Classics main subject):