Theology and Oriental Studies

An exciting new development is the new joint degree in Theology and Oriental Studies, with entry from 2010.

After taking the Preliminary Examination for Theology, candidates embark on the finals part of the course, in which they take eight papers, of which at least three and not more than five must be taken in Theology, and at least three and not more than five must be taken in Oriental Studies. One paper will be examined in the form of a long essay on an approved topic of the candidate's choice.

Theology Options

Candidates will be required to offer:

  1. Either "God and Israel in the Old Testament" or "The Gospels and Jesus (with special reference to the Gospels of Matthew and John)"
  2. Either "The Development of Doctrine in the Early Church to A.D. 451" or "God, Christ and Salvation" (these are all papers from the Honour School of Theology)
  3. They are required to take at least one other Theology paper.

Oriental Studies Options

The Oriental Studies papers may be chosen from any of the following sections (each involving work in the original languages):

  1. Buddhism
  2. Eastern Christianity
  3. Hinduism
  4. Islam
  5. Judaism