Alen Shadunts


St Antony's College




Educational Background:

MSc in International Relations (Research) at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

MA in Politics and International Affairs at the American University of Armenia

BA in International Relations at Yerevan State University

Research Interests:

My DPhil research is on Iranian foreign policy in the Post-Soviet South Caucasus. Choosing a non-essentialist and relational approach towards studying foreign policy, I treat the latter as a discursive practice. Accordingly, I try to explore how different discoursive articulations are created and juxtaposed with each other leading to particular policy decisions concerning the South Caucasus.

Recent Publications and/or Conferences:

Shadunts, A. (2019). Populism, people, and the government in Armenia. EVN Report. Retrieved from:

Shadunts, A. (2018). What happens when the resistance wins? EVN Report. Retrieved from:

Shadunts, A. (2016). The rational actor assumption is structural realism. E-International Relations. Retrieved from: 

Alen Shadunts