Ashton Ng (黃敬凱)


St Antony's College


Educational Background:

2019-2022: PhD Chinese History (University of Cambridge). Cambridge Trust Scholar. Kuok FamilyLee Kuan Yew PhD Scholar.

2018-2019: MSt Traditional China (University of Oxford).

2014-2018: B.Lit Classical Chinese (Peking University). Outstanding Graduate (equivalent to summa cum laude). Chinese Government Scholar. Peking University Founder Scholar. Santander Scholar. Peking University International Student Academic Award of the Year. Peking University Model Student Award. Peking University Award for Academic Excellence.

2006-2011: Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-level (Hwa Chong Institution; H3 Chinese Language and Literature). Singapore Ministry of Education Chinese Language Elective Scholar. Hwa Chong Institution Outstanding Student Award.



Ashton Ng, "How do 'Western sinologists' sound to Chinese ears?" in Journal of the Oxford School of Global & Area Studies (Forthcoming May 2019).

Ashton Ng, "China's Rise and the Re-Sinicization of Ethnic Chinese in Singapore," in St Antony's International Review, vol. 14, no.2 (2019): 170-189.

Translations from Chinese into English:

Hu Chirui, "The Origin and Development of Negative Exclusive Particles in the Chinese Language," trans. Ashton Ng, in Language Contact and Change in Chinese, eds. Cao Guangshun and Yu Hsiao-jong (Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter Mouton; Beijing: Commercial Press, Forthcoming June 2019).

Hu Chirui, "From Implicit to Explicit (I): Fundamental Changes to Middle Chinese Grammar," trans. Ashton Ng, in Language Contact and Change in Chinese, eds. Cao Guangshun and Yu Hsiao-jong (Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter Mouton; Beijing: Commercial Press, Forthcoming June 2019).

Translation from English into Chinese:

Jerusha McCormack and John G. Blair, "Xiaodao jiaguo 孝道家国 (Filial Piety and Homeland)," trans. Ashton Ng, in Kua wenhua duihua 跨文化对话 (Dialogue Transcultural), vol. 37, eds. Yue Daiyun and Alain le Pichon, (Beijing: Commercial Press, 2017), 287-310.


Ashton Ng, "Comparing Minford’s and the Yangs’ Translations of the Most Exciting Chapter of Hong Lou Meng," in Outstanding Coursework Series (课程风采系列) of the Peking University Institute of Comparative Literature and Cultures, March 2018.

Letter to the Editor:

Ashton Ng, "A system that discourages language lovers," in Today (September 28, 2012), 16.


24-25 June 2019 (University of Oxford), Deciphering the Uncertain: Sociological and Epistemological Aspects of Divination in Early Text Cultures

Scepticism Towards Divination in Classical China (1046–221 BCE)

8-9 June 2019 (University of Cambridge), Annual Conference of the British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies (China’s Global Role in the New Era)

China's Rise and the Re-Sinicisation of Ethnic Chinese in Singapore

7 May 2019 (University of Oxford), St Antony's College Graduate Research Conference (Ages of Disorder: Opportunities and Challenges)

Re-Sinicisation: A historical analysis of China’s attempts at subverting the national identities of ethnic Chinese Singaporeans

8 October 2016 (University of Tokyo), 11th Peking University-University of Tokyo Jing Forum (京论坛)

(Are Population Policies in Modern China and Japan Reasonable, Legal, Ethical, and Effective?)
By a 10-member committee headed by Ashton Ng (Peking University) and Hiroki Kawamoto (University of Tokyo).

Other Experiences:

Member, Oxford Global Leadership Initiative 2018-19

Vice-President, 1st Peking University China-ASEAN Youth Summit 2016 (中国东盟青年峰会)

Chairperson, 11th Peking University-University of Tokyo Jing Forum 2016 (京论坛), Population & Development Committee

Research Interests:

I am currently investigating the validity of the Hanfei Zi's interpretation of the Laozi as a book of military and political stratagems.

Besides my fascination with classical Chinese, I have a great love for Chinese history and literature from most periods (including imperial, modern, and contemporary).

Ashton Ng
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