David Zakarian


British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow 

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute / Pembroke College



Research Interests:

  • Medieval Armenian colophons
  • Christian–Muslim relations in medieval colophons and literature
  • Representation of women in early Armenian literature

Current Projects:

Writing History from Below: Christian–Muslim Interactions in Armenian Colophons during the Long Fifteenth Century (1375–1501)

Recent Publications:

  • ‘L’autorité et le pouvoir de la reine en Arménie arsacide’, forthcoming in Augusta, Regina, Basilissa. La souveraine de l'Antiquité tardive au Moyen Âge. F. Chausson et S. Destephen (éd.), Paris (2018), pp. 23-36.
  • ‘P‘aṙanjem and Her Husbands: A New Hypothesis on the Marriages of the Armenian Queen’ forthcoming in Studia Iranica (2018).
  • ‘Gloire, vaillance, et fortune: les rois et leur pouvoir dans l'Arménie Arsacide’, forthcoming in Le gouvernement en déplacement. J. Barbier, F. Chausson et S. Destephen (éd.), Paris (2018).
  • ‘Syneisaktism in Early Armenian Christianity’, Le Muséon 130 (1-2), 2017, pp. 123-138.
  • ‘The ‘Epic’ Representation of Armenian Women of the Fourth Century’, Revue des Études Arméniennes 35 (2013), 1–28.
  • ‘Women on the Throne and the Symbolic Attributes of Authority’, Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies 22 (2013), pp. 23–38.

Teaching 2017-2018:

Introduction to Classical Armenian

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