Elizabeth Tucker


Retired Jill Hart Research Fellow in Indo-Iranian Philology 

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute



Research Interests:

My research centres on the earliest history and prehistory of the languages of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family. Most of my publications deal with historical and comparative linguistic problems in Vedic Sanskrit, Avestan and Old Persian texts. At present I am working on a new edition, with commentary and translation, of Book 11 of the Paippalada recension of the AtharvaVeda. Oxford University Press has invited me to prepare revised editions of A.A.Macdonell 'A Vedic Grammar for Students' and 'A Vedic Reader for Students.


  • AtharvaVeda Paippalada Samhita, Book 11: edition, translation and linguistic commentary.
  • A Historical and Comparative Grammar of Vedic.

Courses Taught:

  • Old Iranian
  • RigVeda Texts

Full Publications

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