Ellen Jones


University College


DPhil (Egyptology)


ellen.jones@univ.ox.ac.uk; www.oxford.academia.edu/JonesEllen

Educational Background:

BA (Hons) and Master of Studies in Egyptology from the University of Oxford.

Research Interests:

My research analyses the iconographic representation of female relatives in New Kingdom non-royal tomb contexts at Thebes (Luxor), using gender studies and (feminist) anthropology to explore elite conceptions of gender in ancient Egyptian culture.

Recent Publications and/or Conferences:

Co-organiser of the 'Coming Together: Putting Gender Back on the Agenda' session at the Cambridge Annual Student Archaeology Conference 2018.

'Three's a Crowd: the Possibility of Polygyny in New Kingdom Thebes', (2018) in I. Incordino, S. Mainieri, E. D'Itria, M. Pubblico, F. Rega, and A. Salsano (eds.), Current Research in Egyptology 2017: Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Symposium. University of Naples. Oxford: Archaeopress.

Presented a paper entitled 'Is it a Man's World? Rethinking Early 18th Dynasty Theban Tomb Iconography' at the Invisible Archaeologies conference at The Queen's College Oxford, November 2017.

Ellen Jones