Hyangmi Choi

Dates of stay in Oxford:

  • From 1st September 2019 to 31st August 2020


  • Post-doctoral researcher

Faculty / College Address:

  • Oriental Institute

E-mail address:


Research Interests:

  • Speaker-audience interaction in political oratory
  • Cultural differences in generating collective audience responses
  • Verbal and Non-verbal rhetoric
  • Cultural differences in the perception of charisma

Current projects:

  • Style, rhetoric, structure of media discourse in South Korea
  • Speaker-audience interaction, one of the elements of the perception of charisma in political speeches; the nonverbal elements of a leader’s charisma in Korean political oratory

Recent publications:

  • Choi, H., Bull, P., Reed, D., (2016). Audience Responses and the Context of Political Speeches. Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 4(2), 601-622.