Izumi K. Tytler


Bodleian Japanese Librarian 

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute



Research Interests:

  • Japanese bibliography
  • Japanese theatre
  • Early contacts between Europe and Japan

Current Projects:

  • Compilation of the catalogue of the early Japanese books and manuscripts in the Bodleian Library
  • Organizing the Tenri Antiquarian Material Workshop (2007-2009)

Recent Publications:

  • “Nara ehon/emaki collection in the Bodleian Japanese Library, University of Oxford” in the preprints of the International Nara ehon/emaki Conference (オクスフォード大学ボドリアン図書館附属日本研究図書館所蔵の奈良絵本・絵巻コレクション, 奈良絵本・絵巻国際会議ダブリン大会資料集), Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, 22-23 March 2008, 27-32.
  • 'Japan' in G. Walker et al (ed.), The Bodleian Library: A Subject Guide to the Collections, Oxford : Bodleian Library, 2004, 145-147
  • "NACSIS/UK Union Catalogue project" in E. Naito (ed.), Study on international sharing of Japanese scholarly information: international joint research project funded by a grant-in-aid from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, Japan: report for the year 1998, Tokyo: NACSIS 1999, 135-144
  • "East meets West: original records of Western traders, travellers, missionaries and diplomats to 1852. Part 1: The log book of Willian Adams (1564-1620) and other manuscript and rare printed materials from the Bodleian Library, Oxford", Adam Matthew Publications 1998 [A listing and guides to Part 1 of the microfilm collection]
  • "UK Union Catalogue of Japanese books", Records Management 37 (1998), 39-44
  • "The Japanese collections in the Bodleian Library", in Japanese Studies: papers presented at a colloquium at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London 14-16 September 1988 (British Library Occasional Papers, 11), 1990
  • With D. Massarella, "The Japonian charters: the English and Dutch shuinjo" Monumenta Nipponica 45 (1990), 190-205

Further Info:

  • the British Association of Japanese Studies
  • the European Association of Japanese Studies
  • the (UK) Japan Library Group
  • the European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists (board member)

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