Jean Christopher Mittelstaedt


Departmental Lecturer in Modern Chinese Studies

Faculty / College Address:

China Centre
Dickson Poon Building
Canterbury Road
Oxford OX2 6LU

Research Interests:

Modern Chinese history, in particular the Cultural Revolution and the reform era.

Ideological and organizational developments in the Chinese Communist Party and their impact on other fields such as law, Party-state, and Party-society relations.

Current Projects:

Cultural and ideological governance

Changing nature of grassroots governance in China

The CCP’s internal campaigns and changes to its organizational structure during the reform era

Book project on Party-building and how the CCP controls its grassroots organizations

Courses Taught:

Chinese Law and Society (undergraduate and graduate, 2018-20)

Chinese Communist Party (undergraduate, 2019-20)

Chinese Law and Governance (undergraduate and graduate, 2020-22)

Chinese Contemporary Politics and Government (undergraduate 2021-22) 

Recent Publications:

Mittelstaedt, Jean Christopher. "The grid management system in contemporary China: Grass-roots governance in social surveillance and service provision." China Information (2021): 0920203X211011565.

Mittelstaedt, Jean Christopher. "Rebuilding Authority: The Party's Relationship with Its Grassroots Organizations." The China Quarterly (2021): 1-21.

Jean Christopher Mittelstaedt