Jeremy Schonfield


Research Fellow, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies; Lecturer in Liturgy at Leo Baeck College, London 

Faculty / College Address:

Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies


Research Interests:

  • Jewish liturgy
  • Jewish annual and lifecycle rituals
  • Piyyut
  • Literary readings of midrash and aggadah

Current Projects:

  • A literary analysis of the Jewish morning liturgy
  • A psychological and anthropological survey of the Jewish annual and lifetime cycles

Courses Taught:

  • Jewish Liturgy (MSt)

Recent Publications:

  • Review of: Lawrence A. Hoffman (ed.) Who by Fire, Who by Water: Un’taneh Tokef (Jewish Lights Publishing, Vermont, 2010) in Manna 109 (2010) 20-1
  • Sabbath Morning Prayers of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation, London (London 2011): general editor; collaborator in translation and layout
  • People, Text and Time: Decoding Jewish Culture (Romanian translation: Bucharest, 2015, in press)
  • Obituary for Professor Raphael Loewe, The Daily Telegraph, 27 June 2011, p. 31
  • Obituary for Professor Raphael Loewe, The Sephardi Bulletin 67:1 (Sept 2011) 12-14
  • The Bnei Brak Megillah: Companion Volume to the Facsimile Edition of an Illuminated Manuscript Created by Leela Ganin (London 2011): general editor
  • Review of Jonathan Sacks, The Koren Rosh Hashana Mahzor (Jerusalem 2011), in The Jewish Chronicle 23 September 2011
  • ‘Why the Messiah Has Not Come: Liturgy and the Limits of Language’ European Judaism 46/2 (2013) 79-90

Photograph of Jeremy Schonfield