John Screnock


Research Fellow in Hebrew Bible

Co-investigator, Critical Editions of the Hebrew Bible


Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute




Research Interests:

Hebrew Bible, Psalms, Ancient Hebrew, Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint, Ugaritic


Classes Taught:

Dead Sea Scrolls, Esther, Psalms, Ugaritic Grammar and Texts


Current Projects:

Psalms 101–150. The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Edition. SBL Press.

Reading Psalms in the School of the Scribes: Using Ancient Material Evidence to Inform Modern Biblical Studies. Oxford University Press. Under contract.

Ugaritic Font Initiative.


Monographs and Other Volumes:

2020. Carmen Palmer, Andrew Krause, John Screnock, and Eileen Schuller, eds. Dead Sea Scrolls, Revise and Repeat: New Methods and Perspectives on the Dead Sea Scrolls. SBL Early Judaism and Its Literature. SBL Press.

2020. Arjen Bakker, Markus Bockmuehl, Martin Goodman, Hindy Najman, and John Screnock, eds. Dead Sea Scrolls Research in Oxford. Thematic issue of Revue de Qumran (32/2). Louvain: Peeters.

2017. Traductor Scriptor: The Old Greek Translation of Exodus 1-14 as Scribal Activity. Vetus Testamentum Supplements. Leiden/Boston: Brill.

2015. John Screnock and Robert D. Holmstedt. Esther. The Baylor Handbook on the Hebrew Bible. Waco, TX: Baylor University Press.


Recent Journal Articles:

2021. “The Septuagint, Scribalism, and Command-Execution Pairing.” Henoch 42 (2020): 150–67.

2021. “Translating and Transcending Textual Criticism,” Textus 30: 1–5.

2020. “A Reading of Psalm 104:1–13 according to the Text Contained in 4QPsalms-d.” Revue de Qumran 32: 251–65.

2020. “Verbal Argument Structure in the War Scroll.” Dead Sea Discoveries 27.

2020. “Some Oddities of Ancient Hebrew Numeral Syntax.” Hebrew Studies 61: 23–44.

2019. “Reading Esther in the Levantine Literary Tradition.” Biblica 100: 321–338.

2018. “Complex Adding Numerals and Hebrew Diachrony.” Journal of Biblical Literature 137: 789–819.

2018. “Is Rewriting Translation? Chronicles and Jubilees in Light of Intralingual Translation.” Vetus Testamentum 68: 475–504.

2018. “A New Approach to Using the Old Greek in Hebrew Bible Textual Criticism.” Textus 27: 229–57.

2018. “The Syntax of Cardinal Numerals in Judges, Amos, Esther, and 1QM.”  Journal of Semitic Studies 63: 125–54.

Photograph of John Screnock