John Screnock


Research Fellow in Hebrew Bible

Co-investigator, Critical Editions of the Hebrew Bible


Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute




Research Interests:

Hebrew Bible, Psalms, Ancient Hebrew, Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint


Classes Taught:

Dead Sea Scrolls, Esther, Psalms, Ugaritic Grammar and Texts


Recent Publications:

“Complex Adding Numerals and Hebrew Diachrony.” Journal of Biblical Literature 137 (2018): 789–819.

“Is Rewriting Translation? Chronicles and Jubilees in Light of Intralingual Translation.” Vetus Testamentum 68 (2018): 475–504.

John Screnock and Jan Joosten. “Horizons in Textual Criticism: New Approaches and New Questions.” Textus 27 (2018): 157–59.

“A New Approach to Using the Old Greek in Hebrew Bible Textual Criticism.” Textus 27 (2018): 229–57.

“The Syntax of Cardinal Numerals in Judges, Amos, Esther, and 1QM.”  Journal of Semitic Studies 63 (2018): 125–54.

Traductor Scriptor: The Old Greek Translation of Exodus 1-14 as Scribal Activity. Vetus Testamentum Supplements. Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2017.

“Translation and Rewriting in the Genesis Apocryphon.” In Reading the Bible in Ancient Traditions and Modern Editions: Studies in Memory of Peter W. Flint (eds. Daniel K. Falk, Kyung S. Baek, and Andrew B. Perrin). Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2017.


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