Jonathan Duquette


Marie Curie Fellow

College affiliation

Wolfson College


Research interests

  • Sanskrit intellectual history of medieval and early modern India
  • Indian philosophy and philosophy of religion
  • Cultural and political history of South India

Current projects

"Sanskrit Śaiva Intellectuals in the Empire: Innovations, Textual Practices and Religious Interactions in the Late Vijayanagara Period", supported by a Marie-Curie Individual Fellowship

Courses taught

Set texts on Brahmanism and Śaivism

Recent publications

"On the Reception of Rāmānuja’s School in Śivādvaita Vedānta," in One God, One śāstra, edited by Marcus Schmücker and Elisa Freschi (Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, forthcoming in 2017).

"Śrīharṣa on the Indefinability of Time," in Space, Time and Limits of Understanding, edited by Shyam Iyengar and Giancarlo Ghirardi (Springer, 2016).

"Tradition, Identity and Scriptural Authority: Religious Inclusivism in the Writings of an Early Modern Intellectual, " Religious in South Asia 9.3 (2016).

"Is Śivādvaita Vedānta a Saiddhāntika School? Pariṇāmavāda in the Brahmamīmāṃsābhāṣya," Journal of Hindu Studies 8(1): 16-43 (2015).

"Reading Non-Dualism in Śivādvaita Vedānta: An Argument from the Śivādvaitanirṇaya in Light of the Śivārkamaṇidīpikā," Journal of Indian Philosophy 44: 67-79 (2015).

Other information

Assistant editor, Journal of Indian Philosophy

Jonathan Duquette
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