Jorrit M. Kelder


Associate of the Sub-Faculty of Near and Middle Eastern Studies; ; Member of the Common Room, Wolfson College, Oxford; Member of the Scientific Committee of 'The Classical World in Context: Egypt', Getty Museum, Malibu Ca. 

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute / Wolfson College


Research Interests:

My research interests include the archaeology of early states and state formation, the integration of material and textual evidence, the Bronze Age Mediterranean, Aegean Archaeology, and Egyptian Archaeology.

Current Projects:

The Manar al-Athar project (Oxford, directed by Dr. J. McKenzie), "From LUGAL.GAL to wanax: Great Kings in the LBA eastern Mediterranean" (with Dr. W. J. I. Waal, Leiden University)

Recent Publications:

  • Books
    2015: SICILY AND THE SEA, with D. Burgersdijk, R. Calis, S. Tussa, A. Sofroniew, and R. van Beek (eds.), Zwolle: W-books Publishers. 
    5. 2012: TROY. CITY, HOMER, AND TURKEY, with G. Uslu and O. Faruk Serifoglu (eds.), Zwolle: W-books Publishers. 
    2010: THE KINGDOM OF MYCENAE; A GREAT KINGDOM IN THE LATE BRONZE AGE AEGEAN, Baltimore, MD: CDL / the University Press of Maryland. 

    Submitted: (with E.H. Cline) TRADE AND EXCHANGE BETWEEN EGYPT AND THE AEGEAN WORLD in T. Potts, J. Spier and S. Cole (eds.), Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Ancient Cultures in Contact (Catalogue to an Exhibition at the Getty Museum in 2018).
    Submitted: EGYPT, in I. Lemos and A. Kotsonas (eds.). Companion to Early Greece and the 
    Mediterranean, 1400-600 BC. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell. 
    2016: (with M. Poelwijk) THE WANASSA AND THE DAMOKORO. A NEW INTERPRETATION OF A LINEAR B TEXT FROM PYLOS. In Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies 56.4, pp. 572-584.
    2016: MYCENAE, RICH IN SILVER, in K. Kleber und R. Pirngruber (Eds.), Silver, money and credit. A Tribute to Robartus J. van der Spek on occasion of his 65th birthday on 18 september 2014. Leiden: NINO, 309-319. 
    2013: Narmer, Scorpion, and the Representation of the Early Egyptian Court, in Origini. Rivista di preistoria e protostoria delle civiltà antiche XXXV, 153-166

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