Mahmoud K. Hawari

Position: Research Associate

Faculty / College Address:

The Khalili Research Centre
3 St John Street

Tel. 01865 278196


Main Areas of Research Interests:

My primary research interests and specialist expertise are concerned with Islamic archaeology, art and architecture of the pre-modern Islamic Middle East, with a specialist focus on archaeology. I am principally interested in Islamic religious, civil and military architecture of the Levant within their urban and rural environment, with a focus on the Ayyubid, Mamluk and Ottoman periods. I am also interested in the transition from late Antique to Early Islamic material culture, with a specific attention to the phenomenon of the Umayyad 'desert palace' (qusur) in the Levant.

Current Research Projects:

  • 'Khirbat al-Mafjar Archaeological Project, Jericho, Palestine': landscape archaeological survey and excavations in the hinterland of Khirbat al-Mafjar; it aims to achieve a better understanding of the Umayyad palatial complex (Hisham's Palace) at Khirbat al-Mafjar within the context of its cultural landscape, and the phenomenon of the Early Islamic 'desert palaces' (qusur) as a whole known elsewhere in the Levant - see and
  • 'The Citadel of Jerusalem: an Archaeological and Architectural Study' project: aims to provide a full scale analysis and interpretation of the Citadel's architectural development spanning more than 2000 years

Selected Forthcoming and Recent Publications:


The Citadel of Jerusalem: A Comprehensive Archaeological and Architectural Study, Monograph of the British Academy by Oxford University Press (in preparation)

Ayyubid Jerusalem (1187-1250): an Architectural and Archaeological Study, (BAR International Series 1628, Archaeopress), Oxford, 2007 (ISBN 978-1407300429).

Pilgrimage, Sciences and Sufism, Islamic Art in the West Bank and Gaza, (Palestinian Authority and Museum With No Frontiers, Electa, al-Faris), Vienna and Amman 2004 (co-author, co-editor). ISBN 1-874044-42-2

Chapters and Articles

'Archaeological Landscape Survey and Excavations at Khirbat al-Mafjar, Preliminary Report, Seasons 2011-2013' (forthcoming)

'Three Islamic Coins', in Susan. Cohen (ed.) The Excavations at Tel Zahara, BAR Archaeopress, Oxford, 2013 (forthcoming)

'The Saljuq Connection – the First Citadel of Jerusalem: Who Built and When?', Levant (forthcoming)

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Qal'at al-Burak: A Fort of the Ottoman Period South of Bethlehem, Levant 32 (2000), pp. 101-119 (co-author)

Translated Books and Catalogues (English to Arabic):

The Timeline History of Islamic Art and Architecture, by Nasser D. Khalili, London, 2007

Silk, 13th to 18th Centuries, Treasures from the Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar, by J. Thompson, London 2004

Ivory, 8th to 17th Centuries, Treasures from the Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar, by M. Rosser-Owen, London 2004

Photograph of Mahmoud Hawari