Nick J. Allen


Retired Reader, Social Anthropology of South Asia 

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute / Wolfson College


Research Interests:

  • Himalayan and South Asian ethnography
  • Comparativism relating to social structure, kinship, and mythology

Current Projects:

  • Comparative studies of Indo-European epic, esp. Homer and the Mahābhârata
  • The biography of the Buddha

Recent Publications:

  • 2003 The Indra-Tullus comparison. In Indo-European Language and Culture: Essays in Memory of Edgar C. Polomé, part I, ed. B. Drinka & J. Salmons. General Linguistics 40: 149-171.
  • 2004 Tetradic theory: an approach to kinship. Pp. 221-235 in Kinship and family: an anthropological reader , eds. R. Parkin and L. Stone. Oxford : Blackwell.
  • 2005a Bhīṣma and Hesiod’s Succession Myth. Int. J. of Hindu Studies 8/1-3 (2004): 57-79.
  • 2005b Romulus et Bhishma: structures entrecroisées. Anthropologie et sociétés 29/2: 21-44.
  • 2007 The close and the distant: a long-term perspective. In G. Pfeffer (ed.) Periphery and Centre: Studies in Orissan History, Religion and Anthropology , pp . 273-290. Delhi , Manohar.

Further Info:

Photograph of Nick Allen