Ozlem Galip


Calouste Gulbenkian Postdoctoral Fellow in Armenian Studies 

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute



Research Interests:

Kurdish literature, novelistic discourse, Armenian and Diaspora Studies.

Current Projects:

She is currently carrying out research on Turkish and Kurdish oral and literary narratives to explore Armenian, Kurdish and Turkish responses to the traumatic experiences of Armenian Genocide. 

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Kurdish & Kurmanji 1

Recent Publications:

Article, “The Politics of Remembering: The Representation of Armenian Genocide in Kurdish Novels”, Holocaust and Genocide Studies [Peer-reviewed Journal], (Spring 2017), forthcoming.

Article, “Kurdish Literature” In Encyclopedia on the Kurds, ABC-Clio Greenwood: Santa Barbara, California, (January 2017), forthcoming.

Article, “Writing Across Kurdistan: Reading Social, Historical and Political Contexts in Literary Narratives”, Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication [Peer-reviewed Journal], vol: 9, no: 3, (October 2016), pp. 257-274.

Article, “Dünden bugüne Kürt Edebiyatı” (Kurdish Literature in the Past and Present), Dipnot (Turkish Social Science Journal), vol: 19-20, (December 2015), pp. 265-276. [In Turkish].

Article, “The Dichotomy of  ‘We’ and ‘The Other’:  Regional Mapping and Naming in Kurdish Novels, Austrian Yearbook of Kurdish Studies, University of Vienna, (September 2015).

Article, “Autobiographical Memory and Trauma: In the Shadow of the 1980 Military Coup and Diyarbakir Prison”, Wêje û Rexne [Kurdish Literary Journal], vol:1, no: 5, (August 2015). [In Kurdish].

Book, Imagining Kurdistan: Identity, Culture, and Society, I.B. Tauris, April 2015.

Online Article, Kurdish Voices in Diaspora: An Overview on Kurdish Diasporic Literature, Allegra: A Virtual Lab of Legal Anthropology, 24 October 2014 Available at: http://allegralaboratory.net/kurdish-voices-in-diaspora-an-overview-on-kurdish-diasporic-literature/

Article, “The Relationship with Kurdish Lands: Destroyed Urban Kurdistan versus Idealised Rural Kurdistan”, The British Journal of Interdisciplinary

Studies [Peer-reviewed Journal], vol: 1, no: 1, (June 2014), pp.1-20

Article, “Where is Home?: Re-visioning ‘Kurdistan’ and ‘Diaspora’ in Kurdish Novelistic Discourse in Sweden”, Nordic Journal of Migration Research [Peer-reviewed Journal], vol: 4, no: 2, (May 2014), pp.82-90.

Book Review, Cengiz Güneş, The Kurdish National Movement in Turkey: From Protest to Resistance, New Middle Eastern Studies, (January 2014).

Article, “Serpêhatiyên Bêcihûwarbûnê: Di Rabêja Romana Kurdî de Wek ‘Warê Demkî’ Diyaspora” (The Experiences of Displacement: Diaspora as ‘Temporary Space’ in Kurdish Novelistic Discourse),Wêje û Rexne[Kurdish Literary Journal], vol:1, no: 1, (January 2014), pp. 19-32. [In Kurdish].

Book contribution, “Têgihiştina ‘Kurdistanê’: Hesta berdewam a ‘biyanîbûnê’” (The Perception of Kurdistan: The Constant Sense of Outsideness), In:  E. Opergin and R. Alan (eds), Tîr û armanc: Wêjeya Kurdî ya Hemdem, (May 2014), pp. 85-98. [In Kurdish].

Article, “Bir Kürt Romancı olarak Hêlim Yûsiv Hakkında Her Şey”, (All about Hêlim Yûsiv as a Kurdish Novelist), Roman Kahramanlari [Turkish Literary Journal], no: 12, (June 2013), pp. 31-39. [In Turkish].

Book, Kürt Romanı Okuma Kılavuzu, (A Companion to Kurdish Novels), Sel Publishing House, Istanbul, (December 2010), co-authored with Abidin Parıltı. [In Turkish].

Photograph of Ozlem Galip