Piet van Boxel


Retired (formerly Hebraica and Judaica Curator, Bodleian Library) 

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute



Research Interests:

Hebrew manuscripts and early Hebrew printing with special interest in ecclesiastical censorship of Hebrew books in 16th Century Italy.

Current Projects:

Preparing an exhibition of Hebrew manuscripts in the Bodleian Library in their oriental and occidental political, cultural and socio-religious context.

Recent Publications:

  • Cardinal Santoro and the expurgation of Hebrew literature, The Roman Inquisition, the Index and the Jews, S Wendehorst ed, Leiden, 2004, pp. 19-34
  • ‘Robert Bellarmine, Christian Hebraist and Censor’, History of Scholarship; a selection of papers from the seminar on the history of scholarship held annually at the Warburg Institute, Christopher Ligota and Jean-Louis Quantin ed. Oxford, 2006, pp. 251-275


  • Censorship and conversion of the Jews under Pope Gregory XIII as reflected in 7 mss. in the Biblioteca Vaticana

Photograph of Piet van Boxel