Pratinav Anil


St John's College


DPhil in Oriental Studies


Educational Background:

2013-2016 - BA in Social Sciences and Asian Studies, Sciences Po. Emile Boutmy Scholar.

2016-2017 - MSc in International Relations, LSE.

2017-now - DPhil in Oriental Studies, Oxford. Clarendon Scholar.

Research Interests:

My work focuses on the effects of Congress hegemony in early postcolonial India, traversing, in the main, the themes of authoritarianism and political representation. In particular, my DPhil, supervised by Prof Rosalind O'Hanlon, concerns the quandaries of Muslim India between 1947 and 2000.


My India’s First Dictatorship: The Emergency, 1975-1977, co-authored with Christophe Jaffrelot, is forthcoming from Hurst.


Pratinav Anil