Servane Hardouin


St Benet's Hall


MPhil Egyptology


Educational Background:

BA Social and Political Sciences at Sciences Po Paris, France (2015-2018)

BA History at Sorbonne University, France (2015-2018)

One-year affiliate program at University College London, UK (2017-2018)

Research Intern at the Louvre Museum, Department of Egyptian Antiquities (2018)

Research Intern at the British Museum, Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan (2017-2018)

Research Intern at the National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris (2017)

Research Interests:

I would like to focus my research on some aspects of the ancient Egyptian religion, especially on the cults and iconographies of particular goddesses. I am interested in studying 'margins', both in time and space: how a cult emerges for the first time and how it transforms itself - or eventually dies out -, how it spreads out of the geographical borders of Egypt and adapts itself - or not - to different contexts. Two subjects that I would like to explore further are Predynastic cults of early female deities, and the iconography of Egyptian goddesses in the Napatan and Meroitic kingdoms.

Servane Hardouin
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