Sir Fergus Millar


Emeritus Camden Professor of Ancient History 

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute


Research Interests:

  • Near Eastern social and religious history

Current Projects:

  • The Late Roman Near East, fourth-sixth centuries

Recent Publications:

  • 'The Theodosian Empire (CE 408-450) and the Arabs: Saracens orIshmaelites?', in E. Gruen (ed.), _Cultural Borrowings and Ethnic Appropriations in Antiquity (2005), 297-314.
  • 'Transformations of Judaism under Graeco-Roman Rule', Journal of Jewish Studies 57 (2006), 139-158.
  • 'Alexander's Legacy: the Impact of the Greek Language East of the Euphrates', Ancient West and East 5 (2006), 287-296.
  • A Greek Roman Empire: Power and Belief under Theodosius II, 408-450 (2006).
  • Rome, Greece and the East (Collected Papers). Ed. by Hannah M. Cotton and Guy M. Rogers. Vol. III, _The Greek World, the Jews and the East (2006).

Photograph of Sir Fergus Millar
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