Talal Al-Azem


Mohammed Noah Fellow, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies 

Faculty / College Address:

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies



Research Interests:

  • Islamic law, jurisprudence, and legal systems
  • Medieval Muslim education and learning
  • The historical transformation of institutions and concepts from the late medieval into the early modern period

Current Projects:

  • Education in late Mamluk/early Ottoman Damascus
  • Legal precedent in the madhhab-law tradition

Recent Publications:

  • "A Mamluk Handbook for Judges and the Doctrine of Legal Consequences (al-mūǧab)", Bulletin d'études orientales 63 (2014), 205–226.
  • "The Transmission of Adab: Educational Ideals and their Institutional Manifestations”, in Nadeem A Memon and Mujadad Zaman (eds.), Philosophies of Islamic Education: Historical Perspectives and Emerging Discourses (Routledge: New York and London, 2016)

  • Rule-Formulation and Binding Precedent in the Madhhab-Law Tradition: Ibn Quṭlūbughā's Commentary on the Compendium of Qudūrī (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming 2016)

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