Xie Yang


Academic Visitor ; λ The Associate Research Fellow, Institute of History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Adjunct Research Associate, Research Center for Chinese History and Culture, The Confucius Institute of Hong Kong, (2013-2016) 

Faculty / College Address:

China Centre



Research Interests:

Intellectual history of Late Imperial China, legal history of Ming China

Current Projects:

Ghost from The Great Canal---the Interest Conflict between court and locality in Late Imperial China; Influence of the Confucian thinking of Ming Dynasty to the legal history of Meiji Japan; 

Recent Publications:

  1. “Pursuing Practical Usage in the Statecraft Compilations of the Late Ming: Taking Feng Qi and his Jingji Leibian as the Focal Point,” 晚明經世類書編纂的實用追求——以馮琦(1558-1603)《經濟類編》為中心,Zhongguo shehui kexueyuan lishiyanjiusuo xuekan, 《中國社會科學院歷史研究所學刊》, Vol. 9 (2013): 445-472.
  2. “Native Literature and National Revolution: the Actual Concern Displayed by Li Genyuan’s Collecting and Publishing of Ming Yunnan Bureaucrats’ Works,”鄉邦文獻與民族革命:李根源輯刻滇籍明臣著作的現實關懷,New History 《新史學》,Vol. 23.4 (2012): 163-206.
  3. “The principal code, the code by analogy and the death sentences in late Jiajing era,” 正律、比附律與嘉靖後期判死朝臣,Chugoku shigaku, 中國史學,Tokyo, Vol. 22 (2012): 55-64.

Photograph of Xie Yang