Xu Maoming


Academic Visitor; Professor of Chinese history in Shanghai Normal University 

Faculty / College Address:

China Centre / University College



Research Interests:

My research is centered on the social and cultural history of China, especially on Jiangnan Regional history, such as local elite (gentry) and social organizations, etc. Recently I am also interesting in folk culture and religions. Usually I pay more attentions to the social transformations.

Current Projects:

Research on Transformation of Cultural Clan in Suzhou and Shanghai  from Late Qing Dynasty to Early Republic of China (supported by Chinese National Social Science Fund)

Courses Taught:

  • The social and cultural history of Jiangnan Area.
  • Local topology.
  • Modern China history. 

Recent Publications:

  • Communication and Transformation:on the History of Social Culture in Southern Yangtze Region (互动与转型:江南社会文化史论).Shanghai: Shanghai People Press, 2012.
  • Cultural Clan and Social Change in Suzhou Since Ming and Qing Dynasty (明清以来苏州文化世族与社会变迁) , Beijing:China Social Science Press,2011.
  • Suzhou and Huizhou-- Research on Social Communication and Transformation among the Two Regions from 16 to 20 centry(苏州与徽州:16-20世纪两地互动与社会变迁的比较研究), (Third Cooperation Writer),Beijing:The Commercial Press, 2007.
  • Gentry and Society in Southern Yangtze Region, 1368-1911 (江南士绅与江南社会 :1368-1911年), Beijing:The Commercial Press,2004.

Full Publications

Photograph of Xu Maoming