A page from Bhagavata Purana in Hindi, describing how Krishna subdues Kaliya Naag, c18th century. India.

Hindi is the most widely known tongue of South Asia. Those who know Hindi are also able to communicate with speakers of Urdu since the two languages have virtually the same grammar and share a large part of everyday vocabulary. A command of spoken Hindi enables students to have direct contact with those who are not strongly influenced by English education. With the spread of modern media, especially cinema and television, the number of people who understand Hindi keeps increasing not only within India but also outside its political boundaries. In the eyes of many Indians, a command of Hindi expresses respect for their living culture.

Hindi is an Indo-European language with a not particularly difficult grammar. The increasing number of English loanwords can make the learning of spoken Hindi relatively easy for English-speakers.

The faculty runs elementary to advanced Hindi classes as well as classes of Modern Literary Hindi and of Old Hindi (Brajbhasha).

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